February 23, 2015 Light Design

These days with air travel so fast and easy, it’s no wonder our world is referred to as a global village. We can quickly visit places like Bali and enjoy a change of culture and scenery.  We can get many great ideas from such countries and implement them in our own when we return home. Outdoor furniture is a prime example. Bali has many fine examples of furniture that they use out of doors for the comfort of their guests.

Enjoying rest and relaxation as well as the excitement of all that Bali has to offer is a great way to spend a week or two.  You might wish you could bring some of that beautiful furniture home with you, but of course, it is too large and heavy to take to the airport, even if the plane would accept it. If you are truly dedicated to the idea you might use up a few days of holiday time in finding out how to import it to your own country.

However, there is a much easier way – one that does not use up your precious holidays.  Many Australian furniture stores already import outdoor furniture from places such as Indonesia and Bali. It would be far easier to wait until you return home and purchase the furniture you like from one of these stores. They have already done the hard yards of importing furniture. They have the right contacts in those other countries that enable them to import what they want and get a whole container full of furniture – or several – all at once.