January 14, 2019 Light Design

Deciding to put your property on the market can be a nerve-wracking affair. You might have a figure in your mind that you’d like to get, but it might be far different than the one that real estate agents believe you will achieve. If you’re trying to get maximum bang for your buck, then why not take a look at landscaping? Small, inexpensive changes could equate to significant increases in value, hiring professional, experienced landscapers can improve your return on investment dramatically.

Entertainment Areas

Australia is a country of entertainers. Many people love welcoming friends over for a barbecue or a drink. If you don’t have somewhere for that to happen, then potential purchasers might look elsewhere.

If you don’t have a few thousand dollars to fork out on a deck, then think smaller. Create a small nook outside with paving stones and a few chairs. Even a seating area outside offers the illusion of a home built for entertainment.

Shade, Shelter, and Privacy

When you’re sharing a country with over 24 million people, you’ll desire shade, shelter, and privacy from time to time. Make sure you include plenty of it in your landscaping plan. New owners don’t want to have to come in and start from scratch. Many prefer if you have trees planted, shelter in place, and privacy from neighbours taken care of.

December 3, 2017 Light Design

Landscaping is an art that beautifies your home and makes it more conducive to living. Everything that’s treated as an art isn’t just about the “creativity.” It also needs to be logical — and smart. You come up with a beautifully manicured garden when you merge creativity with logic. Thus, you need to have a smart landscape design. Here’s a list of the smartest and easiest gardening ideas for the not-so-green-thumbed:

Maintain the focal points

Standing out is different from sticking out because the latter doesn’t go with the flow. According to experienced landscape designers Space Designs you need to make sure that your landscaping design has a focal point which complements its environment. A repeated texture, shape, or color greatly helps. It should capture people’s attention and make them want to look at it for as long as possible without feeling bored. The purpose here is to move through the garden experience seamlessly.

Always have movement

Movement is key to having a great landscaping design. You want to add movement so that your garden will have life. Gardens aren’t like paintings that you just hang on a wall. It’s an environment where you interact. You can add flowers to attract butterflies, or perhaps have an ornamental grass that sways gently in the breeze.

February 22, 2009 Light Design

In a report sent to us by Landscaping Sydney, when your lawn is a tangled mess of weeds and creeping vines but you lack the time or patience to do all that weeding and mowing, you might want to get the help of landscaping professionals.

But what sort of landscaping services do you actually need?

  • Landscape managers are there to take care of your landscape’s regular maintenance, if you don’t want to take care of it yourself.
  • Landscape contractors will help with the installation of landscape features in the form of hardscapes (stones, water elements, fences, and walkways) and softscapes (vegetation and soil).
  • Landscape architects, following your specifications and budgetary requirements, will plan and design the landscape of your dreams.
  • Landscape designers do the same things that landscape architects but without the academic degree that the latter usually possess.
  • Arborists are experts on everything practical about trees, from planting, pruning, removing, cabling, bracing and giving care to them.
  • Horticulturists are plant experts that can be trusted to know everything from controlling pests, stimulating plant growth, up to adapting your plant to harsh climate.