April 21, 2020 Light Design

If your office or business carpets are dirty, it sends the wrong message to customers. It says ‘take your business elsewhere!’ After all, if your company can’t sort out something as simple as carpet cleaning, why should customers trust you to care for their business needs?

Office carpets often get a lot of wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic, so having a lot of dirt and grime in your carpets is quite normal. It may be easy to overlook, but don’t underestimate the importance of commercial cleaning and keeping your carpets clean. Here are our top five reasons why:

  1. Making a Good First Impression

First impressions are everything, and if a customer sees a dirty carpet they may well turn around and walk right out the door. Having a clean carpet maintains your company image, and it’s important for your customer to see that image. Clean floors create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and they convey the message that you offer a high-end and reliable business.

  1. Making a Good Impression on Employees

Although you might not realise it yet, it’s not only about the customers. In general, it’s a lot more attractive for an employee to walk around a clean carpet space than a dirty one.

It’s actually a big morale booster for employees to feel their workspace is clean and sanitary, which in turn inspires greater productivity in the work environment. Employees with better impressions of their office space are going to work harder and bring in more business.

  1. Protecting Your Investment

You may be tempted to save some money on your carpet care expenses by cleaning them yourself. But, if you do that, you may be voiding your manufacturer’s warranty. Some company carpets come with a set of cleaning instructions, and if you don’t follow them it could endanger your investment.

The last thing you want is to have to buy entirely new carpets. Doing so would completely negate the money you were trying to save! Professional carpet cleaning specialists know specifically how to follow manufacturer’s specifications and carpet warranties.

January 11, 2018 Light Design

I’m a реrfесtіоnіѕt. Alwауѕ have been. And ѕоmеtіmеѕ іt drіvеѕ mе сrаzу. There isn’t enough time in the day to be perfect in everything, so I prioritise. I paid most attention to my performance at what I do, my schooling, being a good dad, my personal appearance and cleanliness in my home and car. The area of perfection I want to address here is how good my home looks. In particular the expensive carpets I have and that means employing the best carpet cleaner in the business, Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth to keep them fresh and clean. One who satisfies my craving for perfection.

Picture This

While I don’t need the house to look like museum, I also don’t need it to look like it’s waiting for the Better Homes and Gardens photographer either. I’ve had to let things go a bit. And why have my priorities changed?

DOGS –  that’s why.

Hair of the Dog

I’ve had dogs all my life but after moving into my new and much-smaller-than-a-house apartment, I had decided to forego the pleasure…and the companionship, a dog provides. I also forgot just how much dog hair is shed on a daily basis, and how that hair finds a way to entwine itself into the carpet fibres. You can either get down on your knees and extract each dog hair individually, buy the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, or find a professional, reputable carpet cleaner who shares your joy of a perfectly clean carpet!