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If you own a residential or commercial building which is used by numerous people, the chances are that you are responsible for both maintenance and cleaning communal areas. Although you may choose to do the cleaning yourself, you will find it much easier to employ a professional commercial cleaner especially if you have large areas to clean.

There are many reasons why you should use a professional cleaner for your building. They know what they are doing, can work fast and efficiently and usually do a great job. Our top reasons why you should always use a professional cleaner for your building include:

They Will Have All The Best Equipment

If you try and clean your building yourself, you will find that you simply don’t have the right gear to do everything. Sure, you can do your best with a bucket of water, a few cloths and a vacuum cleaner, but the simple truth is that the end result won’t be as good as if you had used the right cleaning equipment or had your carpets professionally cleaned.

Decent commercial cleaners should have all of the best cleaning equipment for any cleaning requirements. They will bring the things that they need to your job, and the tools that they use will vary according to what they have to do. Don’t waste your money buying specialised cleaning equipment – employ a commercial cleaner!

April 2, 2018 admin

Using your kitchen to accentuate your cooking talents might mean a kitchen remodel. If you go down that path, make sure that you get more than just the visual aesthetic value, but also the new kitchen helps you cook and bake at your best. This is where custom-built cabinets for your kitchen and a great cabinet maker are the solution.

Love Cooking and Baking?

Items that you use on a consistent basis should have their own designed spaces in the kitchen. It’s not only about where you place and store your kitchen tools and appliances, but how you access them…easily. If baking is your thing, and you have a stand mixer, you should think about having a place specifically designed to store and access it. Another handy thing to do in the kitchen is to have power points where you need them. Then you are not moving things around the kitchen to make space.

What a waste of space

Once you have custom cabinets fitted, that is the end of wasted space. Creativity with your cabinet maker and designer will result in unique storage ideas to fill every nook and cranny. We all need a special spot to hide the Tuppwerware and smaller bowls, utensils and anything else you can fit. Perhaps a small corner space turned into a set of drawers.

January 11, 2018 admin

I’m a реrfесtіоnіѕt. Alwауѕ have been. And ѕоmеtіmеѕ іt drіvеѕ mе сrаzу. There isn’t enough time in the day to be perfect in everything, so I prioritise. I paid most attention to my performance at what I do, my schooling, being a good dad, my personal appearance and cleanliness in my home and car. The area of perfection I want to address here is how good my home looks. In particular the expensive carpets I have and that means employing the best carpet cleaner in the business, Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth to keep them fresh and clean. One who satisfies my craving for perfection.

Picture This

While I don’t need the house to look like museum, I also don’t need it to look like it’s waiting for the Better Homes and Gardens photographer either. I’ve had to let things go a bit. And why have my priorities changed?

DOGS –  that’s why.

Hair of the Dog

I’ve had dogs all my life but after moving into my new and much-smaller-than-a-house apartment, I had decided to forego the pleasure…and the companionship, a dog provides. I also forgot just how much dog hair is shed on a daily basis, and how that hair finds a way to entwine itself into the carpet fibres. You can either get down on your knees and extract each dog hair individually, buy the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, or find a professional, reputable carpet cleaner who shares your joy of a perfectly clean carpet!

December 3, 2017 admin

Landscaping is an art that beautifies your home and makes it more conducive to living. Everything that’s treated as an art isn’t just about the “creativity.” It also needs to be logical — and smart. You come up with a beautifully manicured garden when you merge creativity with logic. Thus, you need to have a smart landscape design. Here’s a list of the smartest and easiest gardening ideas for the not-so-green-thumbed:

Maintain the focal points

Standing out is different from sticking out because the latter doesn’t go with the flow. According to experienced landscape designers Space Designs you need to make sure that your landscaping design has a focal point which complements its environment. A repeated texture, shape, or color greatly helps. It should capture people’s attention and make them want to look at it for as long as possible without feeling bored. The purpose here is to move through the garden experience seamlessly.

Always have movement

Movement is key to having a great landscaping design. You want to add movement so that your garden will have life. Gardens aren’t like paintings that you just hang on a wall. It’s an environment where you interact. You can add flowers to attract butterflies, or perhaps have an ornamental grass that sways gently in the breeze.

October 14, 2017 admin

A report out today from Brilliance Removalists Perth, says that the 5 most stressful things in life include making a speech in public, and at number three?  Moving house! If it’s your first time move, then the stress is tenfold. The amount of organisation, the strain emotionally, and just imagining all the new things you have to adapt to in your new home are the main drivers of stress.

If you are moving for the first time it’s almost certain that you didn’t think to organise your removalist service early, or worked out how you will pack all your gear correctly.

Early Booking

The tip is to get quotes from removalist companies well before you are due to move…allow at least a week  to avoid panic. Don’t start packing the day before the removalist arrives either. Stuff you know you won’t use over the next couple of weeks should be packed in boxes and labelled well before moving day.

Labelling is going to save you a lot of time at the other end when you start looking for certain items.


You are in your new house and it’s chaos. You can’t find the things you want because they are all packed in plain boxes, no labels. Does this sound like a situation you want to be in? Definitely not. The smart thing to do is to label your boxes while you are packing.

August 10, 2017 admin

You may think that a Shade Sails Perth installation business is quite simple and so there is no real need for insurance, after all, you always take care when you are working, right? You may take care, but it’s far better to have insurance anyway, because other people don’t always take the same care that you do.

Public liability insurance

What if you were installing a sail in a public area such as a park, and a jogger came along listening to their music and stepped right into that hole you just dug for the post? They couldn’t hear your warning because they had their ear buds in. Even though it was basically their own fault, they could still sue you and very likely win. Your business would quickly go down the drain without public liability insurance. This also covers you for accidental damage caused by you as you work.

April 15, 2017 admin

Nobody looks forward to having a household plumbing problem, but it’s a common enough occurrence. Many people don’t know the basics of choosing a professional plumber.  Either they just want the problem fixed as quickly as possible by anybody listed as a plumber, or they have never had a plumbing problem before. When a plumbing problem arises, it’s not always as easy as going online or checking your local directory and picking a random plumber to do the job. That could be a severe mistake. When hiring a plumber there are certain qualities you should look for.


Is your plumber fully licensed for the service you want him to perform? Gas fittings and water pipes are separate qualifications requiring separate licensing.

Are they local? You can’t tell from the phone number if it’s a mobile. There are not too many plumbers running around the neighbourhood who are not licensed at all. What’s the big deal about the licence? It means that the plumber will adhere to a strict set of service codes set by state and national legislation. That means the work carried out is to a set standard. Should the standard not be met, then the customer has the option of taking legal action. The chances of you hiring an unlicensed plumber in Western Australia is highly unlikely, but a handyman who offers to do plumbing work might be such a scenario.

February 23, 2017 admin

If you don’t have a verandah you may think that adding one to your house would cost far too much, but this is not necessarily so. It is possible to get a verandah on a budget and it does not need to look ‘cheap’. Much depends on the materials used, but labour is a big part of the cost also. Another thing that might bump up the cost is the location of patios or the verandah – that is, if it is at ground level or raised high off the ground. The ground level one is the cheaper, since it will not need as much material to provide support and it need not have balustrades. Here are some tips to reduce the cost of the verandah.

  • Use timber flooring if the verandah is above ground level. You may be able to access enough boards from a recycling centre.
  • Use a polished concrete finish if the floor is at ground level. This is low maintenance, strong and durable. It is also ideal if you use steel support posts.
  • Use roofing materials that have good spanning abilities to reduce the need for supporting framework. Steel is a good choice.
November 23, 2016 admin

Many suburban homes these days have steel panel fencing to give privacy and because it is very difficult for intruders to climb. In addition, it prevents dogs from trying to fight each other through the fence because they can’t see each other. Fencing contractors can put this type of fence up quickly and easily, but you may want a different type of fence for the front.

While steel fencing has many advantages, even providing some shelter from cold winds for children playing outside, it does nothing to add street appeal to the front of the home. Many homeowners like to have a different kind of fence for the front, while some don’t even have a fence there at all.

Having no front fence certainly allows the beauty of the garden to show up, but in fact it makes all the front area useless as far as children and pets go. With no fence at the front you don’t dare let kids out there to play because they would be sure to run onto the road, or be exposed to other dangers. Pets would certainly wander away.

May 11, 2016 admin

Anyone with a swimming pool will know that they have to be kept clean so the pH of the water is maintained and it is safe to swim in. Automatic pool cleaners are one of the best ways to ensure debris is removed and your pool does not develop mould on the walls or floor.  Having your cleaner chugging away will remove most of the debris from the bottom of the pool, making it much easier to keep clean.

It’s not that hard to scoop leaves and other floating rubbish from the top of the pool when you use a long handled scoop, but it tends to sink after a few hours in the water, so anything that blows in after dark will likely sink before morning. Getting it up off the bottom of the pool is very difficult with a scoop.