Kitchen Design Advice

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Dreaming Kitchens

When you’re flicking through the pages of some décor magazines, it is easy to imagine how your ideal kitchen would look in your home. The reality is that most these days are sold as prefabricated modular units. You can see them in the big hardware stores, all laid out in a specific way. The problem with these is that you don’t always have the option of where everything is stored. The manufacturer determines the layouts; therefore, to make everything fit, you have to work around their kitchen design. If you’d rather stand out, you might choose a custom-made kitchen specifically designed. This will allow you to select particular design elements that may be a little more. Keep reading for kitchen design advice from the experts themselves at Kitchen Professionals.

Your Personal Kitchen Designer

By utilising an experienced kitchen designer, you get complete control over your kitchen layout and choice of materials. You are only limited by the physical space of your existing kitchen and your imagination. You can get many ideas from DIY stores, showrooms and magazines and then adopt these into your own kitchen.

What are the benefits of choosing a bespoke kitchen design?

  1. You have the opportunity to add to a basic design which will make it unique to your kitchen. If you provide the specs to your designer they can use all their knowledge and experience to tell you the best way to make it all fit. You can give professional and personal drawing ideas to the designer for consideration.
  2. A bespoke kitchen is unique. It is not mass-produced and the same as what thousands of others also possess. While it’s true that certain standard designs have existed for years, you have the opportunity with a bespoke kitchen to expand on some of the ideas. You can change things around to suit your own living environment.
  3. Your designer will visit your home and make an assessment on the space and existing kitchen you have. By casting an experienced eye over your kitchen, it allows the designer to plan your kitchen specifically for your needs.
  4. Sometimes in deciding on your bespoke kitchen you have the option of including after-care service to maintain and service your fixtures, fittings and appliances. It’s doubtful that you will get that offered to you by a kitchen outfitter who deals in the pre-designed kits.

Big Nationals V Personalised Service

Choosing your kitchen designer can be a challenge as well because there are many kitchen companies that advertise nationally and have designers and workshops around the country. It’s important that your ideas don’t get lost when you are dealing with a big, national company.  Perhaps it’s better to deal with a smaller company that can offer a personalised service and have designers and craftsmen who will create your dream kitchen.

The Tip

One important factor is that before building your kitchen, be sure about what you want and also make sure that your choice of kitchen company can deliver. There’s no room for compromise when you are installing a bespoke designed kitchen.