How Automatic Pool Cleaners can Enhance Your Lifestyle

May 11, 2016 admin 0Comment

Anyone with a swimming pool will know that they have to be kept clean so the pH of the water is maintained and it is safe to swim in. Automatic pool cleaners are one of the best ways to ensure debris is removed and your pool does not develop mould on the walls or floor.  Having your cleaner chugging away will remove most of the debris from the bottom of the pool, making it much easier to keep clean.

It’s not that hard to scoop leaves and other floating rubbish from the top of the pool when you use a long handled scoop, but it tends to sink after a few hours in the water, so anything that blows in after dark will likely sink before morning. Getting it up off the bottom of the pool is very difficult with a scoop.

It’s easier to do it by diving into the pool but morning is often too cold for a swim, not to mention the time factor for those who need to get to work. Organic debris tends to start decaying quite soon after falling from its bush or tree. When it falls into water the process begins even more quickly. It only takes a little while before the purity of the water is compromised.

However, you can only remove the debris that is visible and there is a lot that blows in or is carried in on swimmers’ feet that can’t be seen. This can be on top of the water, suspended in the water or on the bottom of the pool. It may even cling to the sides of the pool, or wash in from above the water line due to splashing.

This fine debris is taken out by the filters, but the process takes some time. If there is an automatic cleaner as work as well, the job progresses more quickly and debris can be removed before it starts to rot and affect the quality of the water.

With help in the form of the cleaner, you have much more time to spend relaxing by the pool or swimming in it, so your lifestyle is enhanced. No one wants to feel like a slave working all the time while others have all the fun. But sadly, this is often what happens, especially with a big family.  It’s important to ensure everyone has some responsibility for cleaning up, otherwise at least one parent will be exhausted from working overtime.

The trouble is that small children can only do so much. Once they get older they’ll be more help, especially if you teach them how important it is, meanwhile having automated help for cleaning the pool is one way you can save on time spent constantly working.