Get the Best Deal from Your Electrician

September 8, 2008 admin 0Comment

No home can escape from the need for electrical repairs every now and then. But because these patch-ups usually require expert attention, most people hire professional and licensed electricians who can ensure safety rather than risk fixing things themselves. Here are tips that you can use to get the best deals from electricians.

Check out an electrician’s travel charges to lessen your costs. Electricians spend a lot of time going to and fro through traffic to reach their clients. Some compensate for the expense this entails by letting clients pay travel charges while others incorporate this in their hourly rate. You should ask an electrician how they go about this. For instance, low hourly rates and a travel charge is a better arrangement on a longer job. But it would be better to get someone who absorbs all his travel expenses with a relatively higher hourly rate if you just need a shorter job done. That said, hiring the one that is based close to your location will also reduce travelling costs.

The hourly rates should not be the only consideration when hiring an electrician. Electricians tell us that you should also consider their work quality, equipment and experience in conjunction with the availability. If for example, you hire an electrician who charges less but has no experience and lacks tools and parts, it would be better to pay more for a well-equipped professional who has acumen, skill, and the full spectrum of parts.

It makes sense to have your electrical repair jobs bundled together so they can be done by the electrician in one go, rather than have them come out to you every time something needs doing. List down every electrical problem that you have and call your electrician only when you feel the time has come. This saves not only time but also money by having all your electrical problems taken care of when your electrician comes.

Switch to cost-effective, energy-saving electrical devices to considerably reduce your energy consumption and expenses at home. A simply matter like replacing old incandescent bulbs with LED lighting will go a long way in saving you money. You might also want to put up charging stations that automatically turn off when phones are fully charged. This way phantom power resulting from devices plugged in but not turned on sucking up your home’s energy can be avoided.

Be ready for when your electrician arrives so that he can get straight to what matters most when he arrives, thus saving you more money on time that would otherwise have been spent dealing with minor details. Get a detailed list of things you want serviced and your electrical panel box readied for when your electrician arrives. Clean up junk and remove fragile things from areas where your electrician is expected to work.