Does Your Home Need a Front Fence?

November 23, 2016 admin 0Comment

Many suburban homes these days have steel panel fencing to give privacy and because it is very difficult for intruders to climb. In addition, it prevents dogs from trying to fight each other through the fence because they can’t see each other. Fencing contractors can put this type of fence up quickly and easily, but you may want a different type of fence for the front.

While steel fencing has many advantages, even providing some shelter from cold winds for children playing outside, it does nothing to add street appeal to the front of the home. Many homeowners like to have a different kind of fence for the front, while some don’t even have a fence there at all.

Having no front fence certainly allows the beauty of the garden to show up, but in fact it makes all the front area useless as far as children and pets go. With no fence at the front you don’t dare let kids out there to play because they would be sure to run onto the road, or be exposed to other dangers. Pets would certainly wander away.

Many newer homes these days are set right back on the block, meaning they have a wonderful area at the front, while the backyard is cramped, only allowing enough room for a clothesline and a tiny patch of lawn.

When there is a very tiny backyard, children cannot run and play very well simply because of the restricted space. If the front was adequately fenced in they could have much more fun and there’d be room for a lot of play equipment and garden as well. Many kids don’t even have enough room to ride their little bikes or scooters in the back yard.

The simple addition of a front fence means you can utilise all the front yard in a way that would be impossible otherwise. Unfortunately, it some places the council doesn’t even allow residents to have a front fence.  But where the rules and regulations are not against it, having a front fence not only frames the house and garden nicely, it provides extra room for the children to play.

Such exercise is wonderful for little children who often have to depend on parents to take them to a park before they can actually run around.  Children these days rarely get enough exercise and this is one reason why. They don’t have enough room to play properly. And working parents don’t have enough time to take them to the park, at least not through the week.  Even on the weekend, they have to catch up on the laundry and housework, so again, time is limited.

Having a front fence offers several advantages. At the very least it enhances street appeal, keeps strangers out and makes kids and pets secure.