Choosing your Plumber

April 15, 2017 admin 0Comment

Nobody looks forward to having a household plumbing problem, but it’s a common enough occurrence. Many people don’t know the basics of choosing a professional plumber.  Either they just want the problem fixed as quickly as possible by anybody listed as a plumber, or they have never had a plumbing problem before. When a plumbing problem arises, it’s not always as easy as going online or checking your local directory and picking a random plumber to do the job. That could be a severe mistake. When hiring a plumber there are certain qualities you should look for.


Is your plumber fully licensed for the service you want him to perform? Gas fittings and water pipes are separate qualifications requiring separate licensing.

Are they local? You can’t tell from the phone number if it’s a mobile. There are not too many plumbers running around the neighbourhood who are not licensed at all. What’s the big deal about the licence? It means that the plumber will adhere to a strict set of service codes set by state and national legislation. That means the work carried out is to a set standard. Should the standard not be met, then the customer has the option of taking legal action. The chances of you hiring an unlicensed plumber in Western Australia is highly unlikely, but a handyman who offers to do plumbing work might be such a scenario.

What Services are offered?

All professional plumbers have a list of services. When choosing your plumber make sure that what you want done is in their list of offered services. Not all plumbers are the same. Some offer expertise in different areas. This is not a bad thing as there are plumbers that specialise in emergency type services and might focus their skills on a set number of services as opposed to some who can offer a bigger range. Just make sure that what you want is something that is able to be done.

Equipment and Training

It’s not something you will know without asking, but you would expect a plumber to have the right equipment available to do the job. Depending on what you want done, the best thing is to ask. You don’t want to be left hanging if the plumber you hired needs to call in somebody else to finish the job.

A background check is rather easy these days when looking for a plumber online. There are usually customer reviews and testimonials. A phone call, a chat, check the website. Make sure you get the right plumber or plumbing services for the work you want done.