March 13, 2019 Light Design

Building a new home or renovating your existing home can be a very fun and rewarding process, especially if it’s the first time you’ve done it. However, it can also be hard. According to Limestone Blocks Perth and Stone Cladding supplier, Meteor Stone, choosing the right building materials and design can be stressful and time-consuming, and many people end up with a home that they’re not completely happy with because of this.

One of the most popular and versatile building materials is stone cladding. It can be used on a range of internal or external surfaces, and it provides a very tough, durable and stylish finish.

There are two main styles of stone cladding – smooth and rough. These styles also come in a range of different textures, patterns and colours, but pretty much all stone cladding can be defined by whether it’s smooth or rough. Choosing the right style for your home or verandah can be hard, which is why I’ve put together the following short list of pros and cons for both smooth and rough stone cladding.

Rough Stone Cladding

In general, rough stone cladding is used in outdoors areas. Rough cut stone is designed to look somewhat natural, without artificially smooth surfaces.

April 15, 2017 Light Design

Nobody looks forward to having a plumbing problem in the household, but nevertheless, it’s a common enough occurrence. There are many people who don’t know the basics of choosing a professional plumber, such as J Sutton Plumbing. Either they just want the problem fixed as quickly as possible by anybody listed as a plumber, or they have never had a plumbing problem before. When a plumbing problem arises, it’s not always as easy as going online or checking your local directory and picking a random plumber to do the job. That could be a serious mistake. When hiring a plumber there are certain qualities you should look for.


Is your plumber fully licensed for the service you want him to perform? Gas fittings and water pipes are separate qualifications requiring separate licensing.

Are they local? You can’t tell from the phone number if it’s a mobile. There are not too many plumbers running around the neighbourhood who are not licensed at all. What’s the big deal about the licence? It means that the plumber will adhere to a strict set of service codes set by state and national legislation. That means the work carried out is to a set standard. Should the standard not be met, then the customer has the option of taking legal action. The chances of you hiring an unlicensed plumber in Western Australia is highly unlikely, but a handyman who offers to do plumbing work might be such a scenario.

February 23, 2017 Light Design

If you don’t have a verandah you may think that adding one to your house would cost far too much, but this is not necessarily so. It is possible to get a verandah on a budget and it does not need to look ‘cheap’. Much depends on the materials used, but labour is a big part of the cost also. Another thing that might bump up the cost is the location of patios or the verandah – that is, if it is at ground level or raised high off the ground. The ground level one is the cheaper, since it will not need as much material to provide support and it need not have balustrades. Here are some tips to reduce the cost of the verandah.

  • Use timber flooring if the verandah is above ground level. You may be able to access enough boards from a recycling centre.
  • Use a polished concrete finish if the floor is at ground level. This is low maintenance, strong and durable. It is also ideal if you use steel support posts.
  • Use roofing materials that have good spanning abilities to reduce the need for supporting framework. Steel is a good choice.
November 23, 2016 Light Design

Many suburban homes these days have steel panel fencing to give privacy and because it is very difficult for intruders to climb. In addition, it prevents dogs from trying to fight each other through the fence because they can’t see each other. Fencing contractors such as Eline Fencing can put this type of fence up quickly and easily, but you may want a different type of fence for the front.

While steel fencing has many advantages, even providing some shelter from cold winds for children playing outside, it does nothing to add street appeal to the front of the home. Many homeowners like to have a different kind of fence for the front, while some don’t even have a fence there at all.

Having no front fence certainly allows the beauty of the garden to show up, but in fact it makes all the front area useless as far as children and pets go. With no fence at the front you don’t dare let kids out there to play because they would be sure to run onto the road, or be exposed to other dangers. Pets would certainly wander away.

February 19, 2016 Light Design

Many blocks of ground are situated on sloping and sometimes very steep ground. Such blocks still need to have fencing, but expert landscapers will tell you that there are more challenges to overcome on such a block. First you must take care to implement sustainable practices to preserve the ground and any surrounding habitat, especially if the block is located in the mountains where diverse flora and fauna occur.

When the block is steep, it’s important not to dig a deep trench straight down as this can cause erosion during heavy rain if it storms before the fence is finished. It can not only wash away half your topsoil, but affect properties that are located below yours.

The two main methods of erecting a fence on a slope are raked – sometimes called racked – and stepped.

Raked fence: this is when the fence rails remain parallel to the ground, but the picket posts are upright, which means they are not fixed square on to the rails. The advantage of this method is that the fence is low to the ground all the way along, so it will keep pets in. However, it is not always suitable for a very steep slope. For a raked installation the drop should be no more than 6 inches or 12cm per 6 foot or two metres of fencing. When finished, this type of fence would have a smoothly sloping top, rather like the handrail of an escalator.

June 8, 2014 Light Design

Shade sails have many advantages as they provide a cooler area to your property so you can enjoy the outdoors more. They also cut glare and keep the home cooler if installed in the right place. While there are also a few disadvantages, most of these can be avoided by installing the sail in the correct way and in the correct place for your situation.

  • Don’t install a sail under a tree, or even under a single branch. Why? The debris that falls off the tree will fall onto the sail and accumulate. This will discolour the sail and make it sag and droop. It can also cause mould or mildew to form, which will look ugly. Plus, having dried up leaves and twigs piled into the centre of the sail can be a fire hazard. It’s important to have the sail installed by an experienced professional to get the angle right. This will allow water and debris to run or blow off.
April 3, 2010 Light Design

When renovating your home, chances are that you will be organising deliveries of goods to your property. When it comes to organising fragile goods across the city or the country whether by transport company such or by mail, it’s important to ensure they are packed in a way that will adequately protect them and prevent damage. Freight gets thrown around as carriers struggle to load and unload their trucks. Accidents can easily happen; goods can get dropped or sometimes they are kicked aside.

So here are some tips for sending fragile goods across the country

  • Make sure the goods are wrapped well and securely. A well wrapped parcel can come apart if it is not also secure. So the actual object must be wrapped in a way that protects all the edges and any sharp points from protruding through the outer packaging.