May 18, 2021 Light Design

When it comes to using SEO to help increase the search engine rankings of your interior design business’s website, much of the attention might be on text and backlinks, and that is understandable given how important these are to SEO. However, as the SEO specialists at advise their clients, the images on a website can contribute hugely to SEO, and they must not be overlooked.

One of the reasons they are often overlooked, even by some who claim to be SEO experts, is that much of SEO is based on text, and an image does not have text…or does it? Well, it can do, and as we are about to explain, there are ways in which you can optimise the images on your interior design business website to aid your SEO, and ultimately improve your search engine rankings.

The first point we must make about images that their use alone can help your rankings. For example, imagine a visitor landing on your website, and all they see is loads of text, with a random image here and there which adds nothing to the page. How long would you expect them to stick around? Not long, is the answer, and this alone harms your rankings.