May 18, 2021 Light Design

When it comes to using SEO to help increase the search engine rankings of your interior design business’s website, much of the attention might be on text and backlinks, and that is understandable given how important these are to SEO. However, as the SEO specialists at advise their clients, the images on a website can contribute hugely to SEO, and they must not be overlooked.

One of the reasons they are often overlooked, even by some who claim to be SEO experts, is that much of SEO is based on text, and an image does not have text…or does it? Well, it can do, and as we are about to explain, there are ways in which you can optimise the images on your interior design business website to aid your SEO, and ultimately improve your search engine rankings.

The first point we must make about images that their use alone can help your rankings. For example, imagine a visitor landing on your website, and all they see is loads of text, with a random image here and there which adds nothing to the page. How long would you expect them to stick around? Not long, is the answer, and this alone harms your rankings.

April 2, 2018 Light Design

Using your kitchen to accentuate your cooking talents might mean a kitchen remodel. If you go down that path, make sure that you get more than just the visual aesthetic value, but also the new kitchen helps you cook and bake at your best. This is where custom-built cabinets for your kitchen and a great cabinet maker are the solution.

Love Cooking and Baking?

Items that you use on a consistent basis should have their own designed spaces in the kitchen. It’s not only about where you place and store your kitchen tools and appliances, but how you access them…easily. If baking is your thing, and you have a stand mixer, you should think about having a place specifically designed to store and access it. Another handy thing to do in the kitchen is to have power points where you need them. Then you are not moving things around the kitchen to make space.

What a waste of space

Once you have custom cabinets fitted, that is the end of wasted space. Creativity with your cabinet maker and designer will result in unique storage ideas to fill every nook and cranny. We all need a special spot to hide the Tuppwerware and smaller bowls, utensils and anything else you can fit. Perhaps a small corner space turned into a set of drawers.

January 11, 2018 Light Design

I’m a реrfесtіоnіѕt. Alwауѕ have been. And ѕоmеtіmеѕ іt drіvеѕ mе сrаzу. There isn’t enough time in the day to be perfect in everything, so I prioritise. I paid most attention to my performance at what I do, my schooling, being a good dad, my personal appearance and cleanliness in my home and car. The area of perfection I want to address here is how good my home looks. In particular the expensive carpets I have and that means employing the best carpet cleaner in the business, Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth to keep them fresh and clean. One who satisfies my craving for perfection.

Picture This

While I don’t need the house to look like museum, I also don’t need it to look like it’s waiting for the Better Homes and Gardens photographer either. I’ve had to let things go a bit. And why have my priorities changed?

DOGS –  that’s why.

Hair of the Dog

I’ve had dogs all my life but after moving into my new and much-smaller-than-a-house apartment, I had decided to forego the pleasure…and the companionship, a dog provides. I also forgot just how much dog hair is shed on a daily basis, and how that hair finds a way to entwine itself into the carpet fibres. You can either get down on your knees and extract each dog hair individually, buy the most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, or find a professional, reputable carpet cleaner who shares your joy of a perfectly clean carpet!

November 9, 2014 Light Design

Dreaming Kitchens

When you’re flicking through the pages of some décor magazines, it is easy to imagine how your ideal kitchen would look in your home. The reality is that most kitchens these days are sold as prefabricated modular units. You can see them in the big hardware stores, all laid out in a specific way. The problem with these is that you don’t always have the option of where everything is stored. The decisions on the layouts are made by the manufacturer and you have to work around their kitchen design to make everything fit. If you want to be different, then you opt for an individually designed, bespoke kitchen. That will give you the freedom to choose specific design details that might be a little more exciting and will certainly be perfect for your individual needs.

Your Personal Kitchen Designer

By utilising an experienced kitchen designer, you get complete control over your kitchen layout and choice of materials. You are only limited by the physical space of your existing kitchen and your imagination. You can get lots of ideas from DIY stores, showrooms and magazines and then adopt these into your own kitchen.

October 23, 2013 Light Design

If you have a small business or even a home business you’ll need at least some furniture for the office to ensure it looks professional, especially if you have clients coming in and out. Furniture that is made especially for an office is best and can be purchased from most furniture stores.  It is best because it has been designed to hold the things an office needs and to fit your legs into the space in front of the chair.

Without the right design, you will never be comfortable enough to do the kind of work you envisaged – and neither will your employees. Office furniture that is both comfortable, ergonomic and looks nice is more expensive than rubbish, so how can you save on the cost of nice office furniture? There are several ways.

November 2, 2011 Light Design

A beautiful and functional kitchen design is worth every investment according to Perth cabinet makers Colray Cabinets. The kitchen is the heartbeat of all festivity, a core to every family gathering, and the beat of every party. When the kitchen is well designed eating becomes an enjoyable experience. However, selecting the right kitchen design is never easy. It involves more significant purposes other than comfort and aesthetics.

The following are the qualities of an ideal kitchen design.

Ample space
Food preparation and cooking requires ample space for free movement. Therefore, a good kitchen design should provide enough space for at least 3 people to work in without crowding.

A good kitchen design should support proper storage of utensil and all the other things used in the kitchen. It should feature well-organized kitchen drawers and cabinets. Most of the designs in the modern world feature great looking cabinets which are so high up.

Such designs limit maximization and are not readily usable. When choosing a kitchen design do not be impressed by fancy, instead get a design that will inspire great purpose and accessibility.

February 2, 2008 Light Design

Carpet cleaning services are widely offered in Australia. If you are a resident and you wish to have your office or home carpets cleaned, just call a reputable carpet cleaner in your area. They will be better than you in several ways, including the fact that they have ample experience and ultra modern cleaning machines. These days you have the option of picking carpet cleaning companies who use green detergents that are environmental-friendly. As well, their use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions is a guarantee that your cleaned mats and rugs will not pose a danger to the pets and kids.

Besides using biodegradable products, the top carpet company makes sure of a dual cylindrical brushing action, hot and dry steam vapor, manual water control and mechanical extraction. Their systematic way of cleaning plus superior machinery makes their services worth the try. There is no way that your home cleaning detergents and methods can outdo professional carpet cleaning services. An attempt to clean your carpets at home will only make you tired and you will leave a lot of dirt behind. This is why you want to use a skilled expert with powerful machines, biodegradable cleaning detergents, and matchless cleaning techniques.