Avoid the Trauma of Moving Day

October 14, 2017 admin 0Comment

A report out today from Brilliance Removalists Perth, says that the 5 most stressful things in life include making a speech in public, and at number three?  Moving house! If it’s your first time move, then the stress is tenfold. The amount of organisation, the strain emotionally, and just imagining all the new things you have to adapt to in your new home are the main drivers of stress.

If you are moving for the first time it’s almost certain that you didn’t think to organise your removalist service early, or worked out how you will pack all your gear correctly.

Early Booking

The tip is to get quotes from removalist companies well before you are due to move…allow at least a week  to avoid panic. Don’t start packing the day before the removalist arrives either. Stuff you know you won’t use over the next couple of weeks should be packed in boxes and labelled well before moving day.

Labelling is going to save you a lot of time at the other end when you start looking for certain items.


You are in your new house and it’s chaos. You can’t find the things you want because they are all packed in plain boxes, no labels. Does this sound like a situation you want to be in? Definitely not. The smart thing to do is to label your boxes while you are packing.

The secret is to pack using a simple code that tells you what’s in the box and where that box belongs – whether that’s the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. It’s going to make your life a whole lot easier later on.

This system also helps when unloading at the new home, as boxes will be carried into their right rooms.

Fragile Items

It will also help that crystal glass golf trophy to make it to your next house if it was properly packed in a box marked “Fragile.” The last tip about packing is to number the boxes. That way you will know if there is one missing.

Your early packing and box labelling are the most basic steps towards easing the stress and calming the panic of moving house.

How to Label Your Boxes

There are a few different ways to label boxes. Find one that is silly simple and that you know you will remember when it comes to unpacking time. The first things you will need is labelling items such as permanent marker pens and some clear sticky tape.

Either download and print off your own labels or buy some from the removal company. Use a labelling system that works best for you.

As suggested above, pack boxes by rooms, then list items, then number the box. Make a master list of what is packed. You are going to congratulate yourself on being so wonderfully organised when you get to the other end!