6 Ways to Save Money on Office Furniture

October 23, 2013 admin 0Comment

If you have a small business or even a home business you’ll need at least some furniture for the office to ensure it looks professional, especially if you have clients coming in and out. Furniture that is made especially for an office is best and can be purchased from most furniture stores.  It is best because it has been designed to hold the things an office needs and to fit your legs into the space in front of the chair.

Without the right design, you will never be comfortable enough to do the kind of work you envisaged – and neither will your employees. Office furniture that is both comfortable, ergonomic and looks nice is more expensive than rubbish, so how can you save on the cost of nice office furniture? There are several ways.

  • Create a plan and ask employees for their input. If you are working alone, then ask other business people what they find most comfortable and what they don’t like about their office furniture. Don’t be in too big a hurry to set it all up because you’ll rush out and buy the first thing that looks good. Try it, take notes and compare prices wherever you go.
  • Shop around to see what’s available where. These days many shops keep office furniture that once did not. Sometimes larger stores have better deals; sometimes they don’t, so make sure you know the prices.
  • Make sure you compare apples with apples. Don’t just think that this one is more expensive than that one. Find out if it has better features or is make more strongly.
  • Some people buy everything they can online. But furniture is different, firstly because it is larger and heavier than most other things and so the freight will be more. And secondly because you really need to sit on that chair or at the desk before you can know for sure it is comfortable for you. So furniture bought online may not be as cheap as it seems.
  • Check out refurbished office furniture. These days businesses seem to go out of business quickly and this means there is likely to be plenty of almost new furniture available. Keep a watch for ads in the paper or look online for sales or to find used furniture places.
  • Furniture warehouses usually sell new furniture as wholesale prices, but not always. Check the prices against others you’ve found to be sure; don’t just assume they’ll be cheaper. Also look at quality in such places. It might be cheaper because it is made from cheaper materials that won’t stand the test of time.

Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll be sure to make the best purchasing decision for your office furniture.